Click here to listen to our tribute to the 25th Anniversary DVD of Airplane! with exclusive guests, Robert Hays and Peter Graves!

For your listening convenience, here are major sections of the broadcast:

1) Show Intro; Robert Hays on the origins of his work on Airplane!, hilarious comments by Peter Graves

2) Disney releases limited edition of some animation treasures: The Chronological Donald Duck and the Disney Rarities Collection

3) Robert Hays on being cast for Airplane!, and Peter Graves adds his tale; on the casting of Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges and Leslie Nielsen; Graves on the surprise reaction to the first screening of Airplane!

4) Current releases: Sony brings us two of Columbias' western classics--Arizona and Belle of the Yukon. Yee haw!

5) Cinemusic: an excerpt of the original score to Peckinpah's The Getaway , composed by Jerry Fielding; a real find as Peckinpah rejected it and would not include it in the film.

6) Hays on Leslie Nielsen, Bridges and Stack; Peter Graves on the cast and the critics

7) Current releases: Peter Jackson's The Frighteners is back! From Universal.

8) Hays on the filming in a lunatic atmosphere and other bon mots; show close and credits.



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